At the Washington Post: Family Dinners vs. Extracurriculars

My latest article is up at the Washington Post: Should Family Dinners Trump Extracurriculars?

I must confess that I cried a lot while writing this article, especially the first and last paragraph.  With our oldest son, Solomon, graduating from high school in May and heading to college in August, I’ve been feeling very wistful and emotional (and have learned to refrain from wearing mascara on my bottom lashes).

I hope this piece — which I poured my heart into — inspires many other families to make family dinners a priority (and shows them how easy it can be!).

If you agree, I’d be so grateful if you would read and share it. Let’s start a movement for more families to make family dinners at least as important as their kids’ extracurricular activities!

Read it at the Washington Post here.

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