Why I still pack my 18-year-old’s lunches

Yes. To the surprise of many, my husband and I still pack our 18 year-old’s school lunches.
As one parent put it (not so gently) on my Six O’Clock Scramble Facebook page, “Unless there’s a physical reason preventing him from being able to make the lunch himself, he needs to make his own lunch! You’re enabling laziness and lack of responsibility. “

Nourishing my own family is central to my identity as a mom. Other parents may nurture their children in ways that are more connected to them, like mending and ironing their clothes or coaching their teams.

So even though the warm, comfy bed calls me in the early morning hours, I haven’t been able to let this little act of love and care go. And frankly, the time together in the cozy kitchen is a precious chance to check in with them in the morning, pack them something nutritious, and tell them we love them as the day starts.

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