How cooking can keep kids sharp over the summer

solomon and bread bear

“While summer is a wonderful time to relax, it can also mark that inevitable backslide of learning for kids,” according to Montgomery County teacher Ann McCallum, who is also author of the award-winning “Eat Your Homework” series.

“Cooking is an excellent way to not only stop the brain drain, but to accelerate kids’ learning. Spending time in the kitchen is an authentic way for kids to make connections to math, science and even history,” McCallum said.

Cooking with our kids is one way to keep their minds engaged over the summer. Following recipes builds on educational skills, fills time in a fun and productive way, and offers a creative boost to kids that they can’t get from staring at a screen.

See this Washington Post article for many helpful and age-appropriate suggestions to create your own “Mom (or Dad)” camp.


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