My First Piece in Washington Post Travel: Embracing Adventure with Teens in Nicaragua

While I’m still developing plenty of easy, healthy recipes for my health meal planning site, The Six O’Clock Scramble and have been very busy creating new cooking videos on YouTube, I have also started to dabble in travel writing.

Our youngest child, Celia, will go to college in August and I’m hoping that Andrew and I get to travel even more. I love to share our experiences and observations on the road. My goal is to inspire you to follow some of our adventures and that you’ll share your travel adventures with us, too.

I was so happy that Washington Post Travel made this one of their featured travel stories on the front page on March 26th, which also happened to be our son Solomon’s 20th birthday. So, happy birthday to mom?

The night before the FINAL deadline I had to rewrite the opening and closing of the piece because the Post wouldn’t let me use the Nicaraguan slang word, Diacachimba, which has no exact translation but is loosely translated as “expletive Awesome!” I think the new opening and closing turned out well, but talk about the stress of last minute rewrites! The Post editor reached out at 6 p.m., and I still had our Six O’Clock Scramble dinner on the table by 7:30, though.

Here’s the piece–I hope you enjoy reading it!

Life After Wartime: Nicaragua Transitions to Adventure Tourism

By the way, thank you to GreenSpot Travel for planning two spectacular Central American travel adventures for us, to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

I already submitted my next piece to the Post on my family’s 4 generation Tucson Dude Ranch tradition, and I’ll be looking for more travel adventures to write about. Solomon will be studying in Melbourne, Australia, next semester, so maybe Andrew and I can swing a trip to the Southern Hemisphere in the fall. We also have Argentina high on our dream travel list.

Where do you hope your next travel adventures take you? 

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