I don’t go to parties just to find sources for stories

I’m a party girl. As a major extrovert, I love going to parties. I’m often one of the first to arrive and last to leave. I wish I loved throwing parties more than I do, but I’m not a confident host. I like to tell myself that I compensate by being an enthusiastic guest!

In our neighborhood, moms catch up once a month over wine, cheese, chocolate, etc. at rotating “Sipping on Sundays” gatherings (no surprise, I haven’t hosted one yet…).

At one of these gatherings, I met Christina Lohs, who told me that her husband, sportswriter Mike Wise, made her a little crazy with his baking addiction, which was messing up her kitchen and making it hard for her to eat well.

I was intrigued. A sportswriter who bakes? As a freelance food writer, I am always looking for stories about people who don’t fit the mold. Christina introduced me to her husband, Mike, who soon showed up at our door with a spectacular fruit tart for my husband’s book club, which is how this story, my first freelance piece in Bethesda Magazine, came to fruition.  Read more here (and let me know if you want to place an underground order from Mike–I highly recommend the double chocolate cupcakes.).

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