Cocoa-Nutty Granola to Soothe a Wobbly Soul: Low Sugar High Protein Granola Recipe

Yesterday was hard. You know those days when your soul just aches? I was having one of those.

The day started out with a business rejection that stung a bit. It happens all the time when you put yourself out there as much as I do, but it never really gets easier, at least for me. I had also been feeling really emotional since the weekend. I think it was a combination of factors:

1) Our daughter Celia is halfway into a month away and almost completely out of contact because she is in a remote

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6 Things Kids Should Know How to Cook Before They Leave Home

What foods should kids know how to cook before leaving home?

Now that I have a son leaving for college in August and a high school age daughter heading off for a fall semester in Israel, I’ve been thinking about the state of their kitchen abilities, and what cooking skills they should master before they leave home.

Have I taught them enough to be self-sufficient eaters when they are on their own? Are there a few basic dishes that every child should be able to master before they leave

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Fourth of July Traditions and Picnic Potlucks

What are your Fourth of July traditions? Do you have a barbecue, spend the day at the pool, or go see fireworks by a lake?

When I was a child, my whole family brought a picnic and blankets to the park by Lake Michigan to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, I found the whole experience so loud and overwhelming that I usually wound up crying under one of the blankets!  Living near Washington, D.C., I’ve gotten over that fear, and sometimes we make our way among the hoards down to the National

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Speak to Dad’s Heart with a Great Meal!

Aren’t dads the best? They’re always up for playing catch with the kids in the yard. Painting toenails and having tea parties with their little princesses. Playing basketball on the indoor mini hoop and making the kids feel like they’re actually as good as Shaq, Kobe or Taurasi. Building Lego spaceships and castles. Coaching teams, reading bedtime stories, driving carpools, building forts. They make our families so much richer.

My husband Andrew has spent unforgettable moments with our

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Don’t Give Up on Picky Eaters: How We (Slowly and Steadily) Transformed our Son into an Adventurous Eater

Guest post by Betsy Goldstein, Six O’Clock Scramble Content Manager

I have a vivid memory of my younger son Danny’s first birthday.  (He is now fifteen.)  We had a birthday cake with lots of candles (although he was only turning one) and after singing happy birthday, we cut the cake into small pieces so that Danny, his family, and his friends could enjoy the cake.

Danny, who entered the world a bit skeptical of anything that wasn’t familiar, took one look at the cake and, if I could’ve

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