How to Beat the Tension and Conflict from Your Family Dinner

Guest column by Anne K. Fishel, Ph.D., adapted from Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun, and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids (Amacom, 2015).

Don’t you hate it when drama in the house ruins your family dinner? These six pointers will guide your family dinners into calmer waters and maintain the peace that will keep things from going sour.

If you’ve spent time and care cooking a meal, the last thing you want is for tension at the family table to ruin appetites, generate

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Master the Art (and Science) of Family Meal Planning

Do you find family meal planning a pain? Has dinner become the bane of your life? Are you struggling?

You’re not alone, and this is one of the reasons I started The Six O’Clock Scramble. As I told my good friend Richie Holmes Grant, while it may take a little more time on the front end, planning will be well worth it, saving you hours and dollars later.

I suggest planning three dinners a week and considering your family schedule so you can plan your meals to correspond with your meal

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When Your Kid Turns Vegetarian

What should you do if or when your child decides to become a vegetarian? Here are seven ways to make family dinners work without losing your mind.

When a child decides to become a vegetarian, many parents react with dismay.  Many fear it will be too hard to cook for them.

For me, I was proud of my daughter Celia for following her heart and conscience, and I was determined to fully accommodate her choice.  However, I recognize that Celia was fortunate to have me at the helm of our family

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7 Ideas for 7-Minute School Lunches that Pack Plenty of Protein and Fiber

Stumped by school lunches? Dreading the drudgery? Here are 7 ideas for 7-minute school lunches that pack plenty of protein and fiber!

Let’s face it, most of us dread packing school lunches.  It means waking up early and fitting in another task before we fly out the door (unless you plan ahead enough to pack them while you are cleaning up after dinner, which I usually fail to do). 

When we pack lunches for our kids, we want to get as much good nutrition in their lunchboxes with the least

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The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

Guest post by Betsy Goldstein, Six O’Clock Scramble Content Manager

When my kids were much younger, we went to see a show at a local children’s theater.  I don’t recall the name of the show but I remember the main character was a young girl who was totally cute and full of personality, but also very self-centered.  There was one song she sang where she belted out “Everything should be about ME, ME, ME!”  At the end of the show, there was a lesson conveyed about being aware of those

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