My First Piece in Washington Post Travel: Embracing Adventure with Teens in Nicaragua

While I’m still developing plenty of easy, healthy recipes for my health meal planning site, The Six O’Clock Scramble and have been very busy creating new cooking videos on YouTube, I have also started to dabble in travel writing.

Our youngest child, Celia, will go to college in August and I’m hoping that Andrew and I get to travel even more. I love to share our experiences and observations on the road. My goal is to inspire you to follow some of our adventures and that you’ll share your

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Overnight Oatmeal Recipe Makes for a Great Solution for Early Mornings

Overnight Oatmeal Makes a Great Solution for Early Mornings With No Time to Make Breakfast


I never would have thought I would be the kind of person who would take a 7 a.m. exercise class. I’m not really a morning person, and I haven’t gone to a gym in over 10 years. I used to be better about going to the gym, but then we got two big dogs that need lots of exercise, and something had to give.

My friend Varuni encouraged me to just try coming with her to her 7 a.m. core workout class. I

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You Used to Eat THAT??! Disgusting Foods We Loved When We Were Kids

Admit it, you ate some pretty strange foods when you were a kid.  Maybe your idea of culinary heaven was eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar (okay, I’d still do that if I didn’t know better) or eating  raw meat with your fingers when your mom was making meatballs. Many of us drank sweet orange Tang instead of juice, relished salty, soupy SpaghettiOs, spongy and sickly-sweet Twinkies, or fried liverwurst or potato chip sandwiches—always on airy white Wonder bread.

Did you

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Pecan Crusted Trout Recipe with Orange-Rosemary Sauce

This trout recipe is a long-time favorite. You won’t believe how delicious it is AND how easy it is to make.

This trout recipe, a longtime Six O’Clock Scramble favorite, is adapted from a recipe from Shelley Schonberger, whom I met years ago when our kids went to nursery school together.  It is so sophisticated and astoundingly delicious, but subscribers can’t believe how easy it is to make.

Serve it with Sweet and Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes and with steamed green beans with goat or feta

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Basil Garlic Spaghetti Squash Recipe with Parmesan Cheese

This spaghetti squash recipe is one that my family really likes, and the kids prefer it with tomato sauce spooned on top.

I haven’t had an easy relationship with spaghetti squash. My mom used to make it for us when I was young and I was fascinated by the yellow squash that she would transform with a fork into golden pasta-like strands, and it certainly is much lighter and healthier than flour-based spaghetti.

However, every time I tried to make it, I had an almost impossible time cutting it

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