Tune Poke Quinoa Bowls with Sesame-Lime-Peanut Dressing

As a sushi fan since the ‘80s, I transitioned smoothly to tuna poke, which is originally a Hawaiian raw tuna salad with an Asian vinaigrette. One of my favorite lunch (and happy hour) spots is Silver, a brasserie in Bethesda, MD (opening this month in Cathedral Heights in DC, too). When I eat there, one of my favorite things to order is the tuna poke bowl with quinoa, created by their chef, Ype Von Hengst. I find that when I eat it for a meal, I feel full but nourished, rather than heavy.

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Modern Moscow Mules with Fresh Lime and Ginger (and BIG life and professional news)

I just announced some huge news over at The Six O’Clock Scramble. Exactly 14 years after I sent out our first weekly menu plan, I have passed the ladle of The Scramble over to a terrific new CEO, Jessica Braider. (Don’t miss The Scramble’s Blowout Friends & Family Sale now through August 16th. Use the promo code FANDF17 for 25% off all memberships, including renewals)

Being the owner and CEO of The Scramble has been the longest, most rewarding, most exhilarating (and at times most

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Peach-Basil Daiquiris: Cheers to Electing Women!


I love the challenge of creating a new cocktail for an event, but this one stumped me.  My friend Kristin O’Keefe was hosting a Georgia themed political event and wondered if I could create a signature cocktail with peaches.  Although the event was held in Kensington, Maryland, the main purpose was to raise funds to create a Georgia chapter of Emerge, which helps Democratic women get elected to office.

Concocting a cocktail with peaches sounded like an easy task. I had in mind the

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Overnight Oatmeal Recipe Makes for a Great Solution for Early Mornings

Overnight Oatmeal Makes a Great Solution for Early Mornings With No Time to Make Breakfast


I never would have thought I would be the kind of person who would take a 7 a.m. exercise class. I’m not really a morning person, and I haven’t gone to a gym in over 10 years. I used to be better about going to the gym, but then we got two big dogs that need lots of exercise, and something had to give.

My friend Varuni encouraged me to just try coming with her to her 7 a.m. core workout class. I

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Pecan Crusted Trout Recipe with Orange-Rosemary Sauce

This trout recipe is a long-time favorite. You won’t believe how delicious it is AND how easy it is to make.

This trout recipe, a longtime Six O’Clock Scramble favorite, is adapted from a recipe from Shelley Schonberger, whom I met years ago when our kids went to nursery school together.  It is so sophisticated and astoundingly delicious, but subscribers can’t believe how easy it is to make.

Serve it with Sweet and Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes and with steamed green beans with goat or feta

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