Overnight Oatmeal Recipe Makes for a Great Solution for Early Mornings

Overnight Oatmeal Makes a Great Solution for Early Mornings With No Time to Make Breakfast


I never would have thought I would be the kind of person who would take a 7 a.m. exercise class. I’m not really a morning person, and I haven’t gone to a gym in over 10 years. I used to be better about going to the gym, but then we got two big dogs that need lots of exercise, and something had to give.

My friend Varuni encouraged me to just try coming with her to her 7 a.m. core workout class. I

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You Used to Eat THAT??! Disgusting Foods We Loved When We Were Kids

Admit it, you ate some pretty strange foods when you were a kid.  Maybe your idea of culinary heaven was eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar (okay, I’d still do that if I didn’t know better) or eating  raw meat with your fingers when your mom was making meatballs. Many of us drank sweet orange Tang instead of juice, relished salty, soupy SpaghettiOs, spongy and sickly-sweet Twinkies, or fried liverwurst or potato chip sandwiches—always on airy white Wonder bread.

Did you

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Holiday Dinner Survival Guide: 10 Tips for Your Feast

I get the jitters before hosting almost any gathering, but with all the build-up to the holidays, it feels like the stakes are even higher than usual.

To keep it in perspective, I try to remember what’s most important: being with family and friends and appreciating our blessings.  But when hosting a crowd, there’s a lot of work to be done!  

Here are the 10 strategies I’ve devised for making holiday entertaining easier on us, while still indulging our guests. I call it my Holiday Dinner

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Tailgating Recipes and Tips for an Easy, Fun Party

Few things say “Fall” quite like a good tailgating extravaganza: here are some of my favorite tailgating recipes as well as some tailgating tips that will help you have an easy time preparing a fun party!

In addition to the kids heading back to school, one of the things I associate most with fall is tailgating. If you aren’t familiar with it, tailgating is essentially a party with food served out of cars in the parking lot before a sports event.

While I can’t say that I’m a huge sports

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Recipes For Tweens and Teens to Cook for the Family

I’m not sure what sort of change is afoot, but lately I’ve been hearing from a lot of Six O’Clock Scramble members about how much their kids enjoy cooking my recipes for their families! Maybe the encounters are inspired by the article I wrote a few months ago in the Washington Post about the 6 recipes every kid should know how to make before they leave home. Or maybe the kids themselves are inspired by the influx of cooking shows, like Master Chef Junior and Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off,

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