Getting Kids to Try New Foods: 10 Alternatives to the “No Thank You Bite”

Last week, I was doing a cooking demo for a group of parents at a local elementary school.  Whenever I speak to parents, the topic of picky eaters comes up because it is such a source of frustration and stress for many of us. 

During the presentation, when we were talking about how to get kids to try new foods, some parents said they encourage kids to take a “no thank you bite” or to take “one bite to be polite.”

I’ve heard these expressions a lot over the years, and while I understand the

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Inspiring Dinner Conversation (Or, Getting Kids to Talk about Their Day)

Do you ever feel like getting your kids to talk about their day is harder than opening a new jar of pickles?  We were eager to get our kids to join in the dinner conversation around the table, but wanted to get past the standard answers like “Nothing” and “I don’t know.” 

My husband, Andrew, developed a silly game that really gets them talking.  Andrew asks them different questions each night that all begin “Tell me something that happened today that made you say…”  The

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Why 6:00 Is My Favorite Time of Day

When things fall into place, as they more often do these days, I just love that 6:00 hour. In fact, it’s become my favorite time of day. Once I discovered that the key to removing 90% of the stress from dinnertime was to plan meals and shop in advance, I could enjoy making a simple meal for the family.

Here’s how it often goes. I stop working and prop my laptop on the kitchen counter. I turn on Marketplace on the public radio station. I look at my recipe (or recipe idea, depending on what

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Marinating and Other Cooking Tips for Working Parents

My friend Sharon, a lawyer who works outside the home and a wonderful cook, swears by marinating.  She and her husband, Mark, find it pays to take ten minutes after the kids go to bed to prepare the next night’s dinner, so there is less to do when they get home from work.

She also recommends making large quantities of food.  “We often will double a recipe for the explicit purpose of having leftovers that will form the base for the next evening’s dinner.”  For example, turn leftover

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What Do You Do with Kids in the Kitchen?

Depending on how old your children are, they may be busy with homework or they may be underfoot while you make dinner.  If time allows, I like to let the kids help me in the kitchen.  Of course, when they were little, safety was always my first concern, so I kept them far from the oven, burners, and sharp knives. 

When Solomon and Celia were babies, I hung their jumper right in the kitchen doorway, where they could bounce like crazy while I cooked. 

When they were toddlers, one of my best

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