6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Food

For your next date night, how does this sound?  A six-course meal at a place with lots of atmosphere.  But would you mind if the meal consisted of stale bread, bruised apples, and expired food?  Or how about if it’s served to you in a (cleaned-out) dumpster?  Sounds crazy, right?

I was in New York recently as part of an expert panel on food trends and was lucky enough to meet Josh Treuhaft, someone who, like me, cares deeply about our environment and preserving our natural resources. 

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Nutrition that Packs a Punch: Texas Black Bean Casserole

Hungry for something with a little spice and a lot of nutrition? This Texas Black Bean Casserole is just the thing for you! It’s nutrition with a punch packed in…and it’s vegetarian, too!

Prep (20 minutes) + Cook (40 minutes)

Makes 8 servings

As The Six O’Clock Scramble recipe tester Alice Clark’s children said, “This dinner rocks!” If your family doesn’t like spicy food, be sure to use a mild salsa when making this Southwestern casserole.  Add cooked ground beef, turkey or canned

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Making Family Dinners a Reality [Video]

It’s hard to make family dinners happen on a busy weeknight. That’s part of what inspired me to start The Six O’Clock Scramble family meal planner.

Here are tips and strategies for making family dinners happen that I shared with the Washington Post:

There’s a longer article at the Post that highlights some of what I talked about in this video and some other family mealtime strategies (along with some other very useful things for family life, like decluttering and refreshing).


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What if Your Spouse Is the Picky Eater?

Whenever I talk to a group of adults about the challenges and triumphs of family meals, I hear a lot of worry and stress about kids who are picky eaters and I love sharing strategies to get picky eaters to broaden their food repertoires.

But one thing that stumps—and surprises—me is how many people lament the immense frustration of having a picky spouse or partner.  Often parents feel battered from both ends, and incredibly limited in what foods they can serve.

“My husband is 10 times

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Pasta with Kale? Indeed! Fusilli with Prosciutto and Kale

My obsession with kale is met with a great recipe that includes pasta with kale. It’s simple and delicious, plus has all the health benefits!

Prep + Cook = 25 minutes

Makes 8 servings, about 1 1/2 cups

Fusilli with Prosciutto and Kale – Aviva Goldfarb

Lately I’ve been more than a little obsessed with kale because of its powerful health properties, low cost, and because it is so easy to grow in my garden (when it’s not the middle of the winter).

So when long time Scramble recipe tester and

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