You Used to Eat THAT??! Disgusting Foods We Loved When We Were Kids

Marshmallow Fluff

Admit it, you ate some pretty strange foods when you were a kid.  Maybe your idea of culinary heaven was eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar (okay, I’d still do that if I didn’t know better) or eating  raw meat with your fingers when your mom was making meatballs. Many of us drank sweet orange Tang instead of juice, relished salty, soupy SpaghettiOs, spongy and sickly-sweet Twinkies, or fried liverwurst or potato chip sandwiches—always on airy white Wonder bread.

Did you make marshmallow taffy by kneading marshmallows with your fingers until it was sticky goo, or smush white bread into “bread balls” and roll it in butter or sugar?

Lately my favorite party conversation starter is asking people what food they loved when they were a kid that might disgust them or others now.  I’ve been having a blast collecting the strange and sometimes repulsive responses. On the other hand, some of them don’t sound so bad—I’m strangely tempted by the peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich one person reminisced about eating.

So which of these actual foods, that Six O’Clock Scramble members or other people I know admitted to eating when they were kids, do you find delightful and which sound disgusting?

Sandwiches (all on white bread, of course): 

Peanut butter and pickles
Peanut butter and bologna
Peanut butter and Fritos
Peanut butter with mayonnaise and bananas
Peanut butter with cheese and mustard
Bologna on sourdough with mayonnaise, granola and red cabbage
Grape jelly and mayonnaise
Banana and mayonnaise
Relish and mayonnaise
Butter and ketchup
Margarine and wheat thins
Fried bologna and banana
Jelly and cottage cheese

claussen-pickles_fresh_halves_large for NL


2 frozen pizzas, cooked and made into a sandwich with mayonnaise in between them
Pickles dipped in mayonnaise
Fritos dipped in mashed bananas
Dry uncooked potato flakes with cold milk and canned corn
Celery sticks slathered in mayonnaise


International specialties:

Crumbled sheep brains (New Zealand)
Egg Flip (Nescafe with a raw egg stirred in) (Sri Lanka)
Saltines smashed into the dregs of sugary coffee and eaten with a spoon (Dominican Republic)

What, your kids don’t like the combination of pickles, peanut butter, relish and mayo?? Here are some recipes for picky eaters they might prefer.  (No bologna involved.)

Which of these foods would you be most or least likely to eat, and what strange food combinations can you add to my growing list?  Share them below.

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