Inspiring Dinner Conversation (Or, Getting Kids to Talk about Their Day)

Inspiring Dinner Conversation -

Inspiring Dinner Conversation -

Do you ever feel like getting your kids to talk about their day is harder than opening a new jar of pickles?  We were eager to get our kids to join in the dinner conversation around the table, but wanted to get past the standard answers like “Nothing” and “I don’t know.” 

My husband, Andrew, developed a silly game that really gets them talking.  Andrew asks them different questions each night that all begin “Tell me something that happened today that made you say…”  The last word ranges from “Huh?” to “Cool!” or “I’m the Man!”, or “That’s sad.” 

It’s amazing how this simple game has gotten them to share stories about their day and chime in around the dinner table. 

What games or techniques have you found that get your kids to talk about their day at dinner?

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