Why I Love My Activity Tracker (and How I Lost 11 Pounds!)

Why I Love My Activity Tracker - AvivaGoldfarb.com

Last week I stood in the back of a six-hour meeting and stepped side to side for an hour while swinging my arms. Did I look ridiculous? Absolutely! Did I annoy the other members of the group? Possibly. Was it worth it to hit my activity goal for the day? Darn right!

Why I Love My Activity Tracker - Aviva Goldfarb

Sitting is the new smoking, according to recent studies.  Apparently, our bodies have not evolved to sit so long every day and all that sitting is terrible for our health and increases our risk for heart disease, diabetes, even cancer. 

Although I walk for about an hour every morning, I then spend about eight hours getting cozy with my laptop on my couch or at my desk while working on The Scramble. I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting by standing up and working at our kitchen counter for a while every day, and by getting up and doing a little exercise like jumping jacks or running in place every hour or two (which also keeps me from getting sluggish), or even standing or stepping during meetings, foolish as I may look. 

One thing that has helped motivate me to move more is an activity tracker, in my case a Nike Fuel Band.  The Fuel Band helps me make sure I get enough movement every day and hit my activity target of 2,500 points (Nike Fuel points are a proprietary measurement of combined physical activity—I have no idea what they actually measure but I know 2,500 is an ambitious yet doable goal for me, and is also close to taking 10,000 steps). 

Recently, I realized that I had gained some weight and was at my heaviest in years. My clothes were tight and I was feeling self-conscious about the bulges around my mid-section. 

I’m no rocket scientist, but it was clear I needed to eat less and move more to get back to my preferred weight and body shape.  I tried to do it for a few weeks on my own, but then I realized that to accomplish my goal, I was going to need a little help. I joined Weight Watchers to fend off overeating and bought an activity tracker to motivate me to move more each day.   

Since August I have lost 11 pounds and have reached my goal weight.   I have also hit or exceeded my activity goal almost every day. I find that tools like Weight Watchers (I attend weekly meetings and track my eating on the app) and an activity monitor really help motivate me and keep me on track to make the small daily changes that I need to make to be healthier and feel better about myself. 

This year, I plan to maintain these healthy habits so I can continue to reduce my risk of illness and feel good in my clothes.  If eating healthier or losing or maintaining your weight is one of your goals this year, I hope that The Six O’Clock Scramble’s healthy recipes with complete nutritional information and reasonable portion sizes will help you get there. 

If any of your goals including losing weight, saving money, eating healthier or spending more quality time with your family, consider signing up for a free trial of my meal planning service, The Six O’Clock Scramble.  

What is your health goal this year and how do you plan to achieve it? Please share below. 

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