How to Make This Year’s Back-to-School Lunches and Dinners Better

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Back-to-school has everyone thinking of food. But there’s hope! Here’s my approach to back-to-school…I hope you find it helpful!

back-to-school lunch and school-night dinner - (1)

It’s a great time to think about what will be different this year. Is this the year your kids will pack their own lunches, or even just Monday lunch, for instance? What’s reasonable and what can you do the night before to make your lives easier?

The same goes for thinking about school-year dinners. Even if you work all year and the kids go to summer camp, school time is busier and more hectic, so planning is going to make the transition back to school easier for everyone.

back-to-school lunch and school-night dinner -

More of my thoughts over at the Washington Post today.

Looking for help with the Back-to-School Scramble?

Back-to-School often means Back-to-the-Scramble: juggling the never-ending tasks of getting kids out the door in the morning, monitoring homework, driving carpools, shopping for and preparing school lunches and healthy snacks and making dinner—not to mention taking care of yourself!

The daily scramble to balance our busy lives while feeding our families nutritious and delicious food can be daunting. That’s why the Six O’Clock Scramble has put together a free Back-to-School Survival Kit for busy parents!

BTS Scramble


The Six O’Clock Scramble is your sanity-saving meal solution. It’s a convenient menu planner for busy families who want to get healthy dinners (that everyone will eat) on the table quickly.

Each week you receive a ready-made and customizable dinner plan, with meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare and include simple side dishes and a grocery list that is easy to use on the go.

It’s the perfect way to take the time, stress, expense, and waste out of meal preparation and get back to enjoying your family dinners!

Try the Six O’Clock Scramble for two weeks FREE OF CHARGE, and you’ll also receive a FREE Back-to-School Survival Kit (yours to keep whether or not you choose to continue your membership!).

Here’s what you’ll receive in your two-week trial membership:

  • Weekly easy to follow 30-minute healthy dinner plans and grocery lists to save you time and money while making meals your family will love
  • FREE Guide: 14 Power Snacks to Fuel Your Kids’ Bodies and Brains
  • FREE Guide: 20 Meatless School Lunches (that KIDS love and YOU can pack in a hurry!)
  • FREE guide: 15 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Busy Family

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