FED UP: Food Education For Every Classroom

Take part in helping us deliver the FED UP movie to every school teacher in America so that every student can have a quality food education.
Help students make healthy food choices. Support the #FedUpKickstarter campaign to get Fed Up into the hands of every school and teacher in the U.S.

I’m really excited about this new movement. Take part in helping us deliver the FED UP movie to every school teacher in America so that every student can have a quality food education.


All my life I have struggled with sugar addiction. My parents kept a pretty low sugar home, but I would greedily grab candy from my grandparents’ candy bowl and would covertly down powdered sugar by the spoonful from our pantry at home. As a young adult, when I got stressed out at work, which was often, I would go downstairs to the drugstore and buy a bag of something sweet and chewy, then work through the sugar rush and headache that would ensue.

When I became involved with the movie Fed Up! last year, which was produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David and directed by Stephanie Soechtig, I became frightfully aware of the devastating health consequences all that added sugar is having on our kids, from obesity at an early age, to the consequences of diabetes and heart disease, and, later on, increased risk of cancer.

But there’s a powerful way to get kids and adults to become aware of all that sugar in their diets and make healthier choices, as well as put needed pressure on food manufacturers and sellers to reduce the sugar in our food. As a member of the Media Advisory board of Fed Up!, I have watched the film with many people, young and old. Every single person I spoke to after they saw the film was motivated to make immediate and significant changes in their diet. My friend Sherri gave up her daily soda habit. Some kids I know gave up sugary cereal, eating candy or desserts during the week, and stopped drinking fruit juice.

Because the movie is so powerful and action-oriented, my hope is that every child in the U.S. has a chance to see it. The most natural place for that to happen is in their schools. However, until now, the price of showing the film in schools has been prohibitive for most, including my children’s school.

That’s why I’m supporting the Fed Up! Kickstarter campaign.

I invite you to join me! It is led by the producers of Fed Up! to raise enough money so that every teacher and child in our country has a chance to see the film and learn what steps they can easily take to avoid this major public health epidemic and live a healthier life.

Earlier this year, I went through a sugar detox and I found it so helpful for my own eating habits. How we eat influences many aspects of our lives, maybe more than we appreciate. My own personal story, which I shared at the Huffington Post, is one that includes a love affair with sugar.

Please visit the Fed Up! Kickstarter page, watch the video, and donate what you can so that every teacher in America who wants one can get a Fed Up! Food Education kit to use in their classroom.

If you’d like a great sugar-free recipe, check out the Blueberry, Basil, and Lemon Smoothie that will fill you up with healthy veggies, protein, and fiber, plus tons of flavor. It’s fragrant, thanks to the herbs, and creamy, thanks to the banana and yogurt.

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