Ditch the college dining plan? 10 ways to make off-campus cooking work.


At best, college dining hall food is convenient, healthful and delicious. But that’s not often the case, with the food tasting mass-produced, salty, uninspired and junky.  Those expensive meal plans aren’t the best value, especially when cafeteria hours don’t always mesh with busy schedules.

Some dormitories have kitchens, and many students move into apartments or houses after their freshman year. This Washington Post article presents ten tips for how your college student can master sharing a kitchen in a group house or apartment, create an efficient kitchen and shopping experiences, and how to easily make his own meals.

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Aviva Goldfarb
Aviva Goldfarb is a Washington Post contributor, author of 4 cookbooks, and founder of The Six O'Clock Scramble, an online healthy meal planner. She writes about food, cocktails, travel and parenting, is an entrepreneur, and a marketing consultant for food related ventures.

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