Let’s Start a New Trend Before the Holidays: National Clean Out the Freezer and Pantry Week!

Do you ever wonder how long your family could survive—or at least eat reasonably well—with the food you already have in the house?

Since the holidays are usually a time of much cooking, entertaining, and giving and receiving edible gifts, I think it makes sense to do a little kitchen clean out before all the mayhem (I mean fun…) begins next week. Then we can all start fresh in our kitchens for the holidays. 

So let’s start a new trend, shall we? National Clean Out the Freezer and Pantry Week!

Clean Out the Freezer and Pantry - Aviva Goldfarb

Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Skip the grocery store for a week (except possibly for a couple of essentials like milk, yogurt, and fresh produce)
  • Thaw some of the older food in our freezer to eat this week and next
  • Use up the food that is languishing in the back of the pantry, like lentils, assorted grains, coconut milk and canned tomatoes

If you plan to join me on my quest, let’s think of the benefits: By doing this before the holidays we can save money by buying less food, make room for food that is bound to fill our refrigerators and freezers over the next several weeks and reduce the environmental impact of food waste by eating perfectly edible food before it goes bad. 

As Six O’Clock Scramble member Deborah Falkow pointed out, “It just forces me to be more creative in menu planning.”

“Best tip? Do an inventory of all the weird stuff you have – hardest to use up – then “shop” your cupboards and fridge to plan meals.”

Betsy Garside

For Six O’Clock Scramble members, figuring out what to make with our kitchen odds and ends is easy. With The Scramble’s search features, we can plug in several ingredients and pull up recipes that call for them.  For example, with the rice, lentils, coconut milk, and tomatoes I need to use up, I can make this delicious Mulligatawny Stew, which we haven’t eaten in quite a while.

Learn more about how much food your family likely wastes and find ways to reduce your food waste at the entertaining I Value Food site created by Sustainable America.

So what do you think, are you in to save, clean out, and eat well? Join me!

Leave a comment below sharing how you’ll approach it or how long you think your family can last on the food you already have.

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