Modern Moscow Mules with Fresh Lime and Ginger (and BIG life and professional news)

I just announced some huge news over at The Six O’Clock Scramble. Exactly 14 years after I sent out our first weekly menu plan, I have passed the ladle of The Scramble over to a terrific new CEO, Jessica Braider. (Don’t miss The Scramble’s Blowout Friends & Family Sale now through August 16th. Use the promo code FANDF17 for 25% off all memberships, including renewals)

Being the owner and CEO of The Scramble has been the longest, most rewarding, most exhilarating (and at times most

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Peach-Basil Daiquiris: Cheers to Electing Women!


I love the challenge of creating a new cocktail for an event, but this one stumped me.  My friend Kristin O’Keefe was hosting a Georgia themed political event and wondered if I could create a signature cocktail with peaches.  Although the event was held in Kensington, Maryland, the main purpose was to raise funds to create a Georgia chapter of Emerge, which helps Democratic women get elected to office.

Concocting a cocktail with peaches sounded like an easy task. I had in mind the

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