Family Dinner Sanity Saver: Special Scramble Savings!

Twelve years ago, I created The Six O’Clock Scramble as a way to help busy families get healthy dinners on the table with less time, money, and stress so that they could actually enjoy dinnertime together.

This week, we’re celebrating with a sale!

The Six O’Clock Scramble is your sanity-saving solution. It’s a convenient menu planner for busy families who want to get healthy dinners (that everyone will eat) on the table quickly.

Each week, you receive a ready-made and customizable dinner plan,

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6 Things Kids Should Know How to Cook Before They Leave Home

What foods should kids know how to cook before leaving home?

Now that I have a son leaving for college in August and a high school age daughter heading off for a fall semester in Israel, I’ve been thinking about the state of their kitchen abilities, and what cooking skills they should master before they leave home.

Have I taught them enough to be self-sufficient eaters when they are on their own? Are there a few basic dishes that every child should be able to master before they leave

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Big News from The Scramble: Vegetarian Meal Plans Now Available!

There’s big news in my world, and I’m SO excited to share it!

There’s an all-new Vegetarian Meal Plan available through The Six O’Clock Scramble, my meal-planning service.

I have always had in interest in making meatless meals and developing vegetarian recipes that are also easy, healthy, and family-friendly (which can be hard to find!). As a committed environmentalist and animal lover, I prefer to get my nutrition mostly from plant products like vegetables, beans, fruits, and nuts.

When our

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At the Washington Post: Family Dinners vs. Extracurriculars

My latest article is up at the Washington Post: Should Family Dinners Trump Extracurriculars?

I must confess that I cried a lot while writing this article, especially the first and last paragraph.  With our oldest son, Solomon, graduating from high school in May and heading to college in August, I’ve been feeling very wistful and emotional (and have learned to refrain from wearing mascara on my bottom lashes).

I hope this piece — which I poured my heart into — inspires many other

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Making Family Dinners a Reality [Video]

It’s hard to make family dinners happen on a busy weeknight. That’s part of what inspired me to start The Six O’Clock Scramble family meal planner.

Here are tips and strategies for making family dinners happen that I shared with the Washington Post:

There’s a longer article at the Post that highlights some of what I talked about in this video and some other family mealtime strategies (along with some other very useful things for family life, like decluttering and refreshing).


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