7 Tips for Freezing Meals

The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients and most meals retain their quality for two to three months in the freezer.  Knowing a few “freezer facts,” however, will ensure that your Six O’Clock Scramble meals are just as tasty when you reheat or cook them later.

Here are my 7 tips for freezing meals to make sure you have that experience:

Tip #1: Don’t freeze mayonnaise, cream, or coconut milk.

Most meals freeze well with the exception of those that contain mayonnaise, cream,

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3 Tips for Making Grocery Trips Count

It’s quite possible that we shop at the family-friendliest grocery store on Earth.  At Chevy Chase Supermarket, the owners greet many customers by name, let kids dip into a barrel full of lollipops, provide a book nook for children, and even have truck-shaped grocery carts.

Despite all those perks, I still like to keep shopping trips a minimum, preferably no more than once a week. 

Some people like to shop daily—if you’re one of them, read no further.  But if you want to avoid going

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Getting Ready for Dinner (Before Breakfast)

Dinner pops into my mind all day.  Of course, I love to make it, or I wouldn’t be the family dinner expert.  And I definitely love eating it with my family.

But getting ready for dinner can be quite a challenge. Here are my tips for staying ahead of the crazy.

Whether you work outside the home or not, everything tends to run more smoothly in the evening if you plan ahead. 

If I have an extra minute in the morning, I get that night’s recipe out.  (If it’s a meal I can make in the

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Making a Homemade Valentine’s Dinner

Sometimes, staying in on Valentine’s Day has its benefits. For one thing, there’s the healthy side of things. For another, there’s the expense (as in, less!).

So here’s my menu for your homemade Valentine’s dinner. It’s a beautiful and easy three-course meal to serve to your special Valentine(s) and enjoy yourself.

(And don’t miss the special Valentine savings I’m offering to you through my meal-planning service…be sure to see the end of this post!)

APPETIZER Grapefruit Margaritas


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Befriending My Food Processor

I’ll bet you have one somewhere in your kitchen or basement. Maybe it’s gathering dust or cobwebs or otherwise not getting much love. Perhaps you got it as a wedding gift or your mom or grandma gave you hers when she stopped using it as much. 

Or, maybe unlike most of us, you use yours all the time as your kitchen assistant to make bread crumbs, pesto, chop nuts, puree fruit, etc.

For a long time Andrew and I had his grandmother’s old Cuisinart with only one blade and a cracked base. 

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